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We’re talking about change and resiliency with guest Jim Haworth.

We invited Andrew Heath, Executive Director of Downtown Bentonville, Inc., to discuss the organization's new partnership with SafeHaven Security Group, with the mission to ensure events like Farmers Market remain safe for families to socialize, support small business, and gather for entertainment.

We spoke with Ken Robertson about his experiences selling a business, purchasing an established business, and launching a start-up business -- all within the past year.

In this episode, we welcome Nick Robbins, Executive Director of Returning Home, a non-profit that helps people with criminal backgrounds --- many of them straight from incarceration --- overcome the barriers to successful reentry.

Every successful business leader will always point to specific people in their lives who mentored them along the way.

How does a career weave from filling prescriptions to radio sales to a leap into successful entrepreneurship? Patrick shares his story, his advice, and the mantra that he's carried through his entire career --- "Where Does It Hurt? How Can I Help?"